Specialized in Inoculation of Gaharu Trees (agarwood) for years with guaranteed result in three months

What is Gaharu (Agarwood)?

The Magic Tree: The Miracle of Agarwood
YOU MIGHT HAVE HEARD OF THIS WORD: OUD or Oudh or Agarwood or Gaharu (as it is known in Malaysia) or chénxiāng/Cham Heong as it is known in Chinese. But more than its proper name, you might have heard it described by a myriad of divine metaphors like: "Scent from Heaven" & "Wood of God" Oud, is the basis of some of the of the most world’s exclusive perfumes. It is one of the world’s rarest and most expensive commodities - kilo for kilo more costly than gold.

Agarwood / Gaharu Inoculation Service

The Magic Tree: The Miracle of Agarwood
Our Inoculation of Gaharu Trees (agarwood) provide guaranteed result in three months. Currently, we have 2 acres of our own Gaharu plantations located in Kota Tinggi, Johor. We do provide free site visit and consultation to Gaharu trees owners who are interested in the Gaharu inoculation services.

Gaharu Products

First Grade Gaharu/Agarwood Oil, Chip and Powder.
We also self-manufactured and processed Gaharu Powder for incense purpose, Gaharu Chips & Gaharu Oil for wholesale & retailing.

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Site Plantation: Kota Tinggi, Johor, Malaysia.

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