Gaharu Inoculation Service

Wounding Agarwood and Method of Induction

The expensive agarwood is produced by the trees from Aquilaria species. The tree itself has no special value. However, the resin created when the tree is either physically wounded by animals and fire or populated by insects or fungi is widely used for its medical and aromatic properties.

Only a small percentage of Aquilaria trees produce the desired resin. Meanwhile, the natural Agarwood is more expensive than diamonds. That’s why there are several artificial ways to force the tree to produce the material required to create the valuable Agarwood oil.

C & L Gaharu Inoculation Service

specialized in Inoculation of Gaharu Trees (agarwood) for years with guaranteed result in three months

Fungal inoculation is a new and improved wounding method that takes much less time to produce the results. It also involves drilling holes in a tree, but their size is much smaller than when the traditional wounding is done.

Special spots are chosen to injure the trunk in order to provide space for air circulation. The holes themselves are not more than 10 cm deep. About 50 – 100 holes are drilled in the trunk of a tree about 5 – 7 cm away from each other. Then some pipes made out of plastic or natural materials are inserted to keep the holes open and provide proper aeration. The aeration technique is used for many different inoculation methods.

Fungi is injected into the holes in order to stimulate natural resin production. The best results can be reached by using the fungi collected from another Agarwood tree.


  1. To perform 1 time inoculation – this offer is valid until Dec 2019 only.
  2. By the 3rd month from the 1st inoculation, we assured that Gaharu will be present in the trunk up to the branch – the method by way of cutting down the branch (with owner’s permission) – to show the presence of Gaharu and the smell after drying.
  3. Payment Term : CASH ~ 30% upon confirmation; 70% upon completion on site
  4. The minimum nos. of trees for the inoculation process should be at least 50 trees charged @ RM150/tree, and the location to be within 100 km from Johor Bahru.
  5. If the minimum of 50 trees cannot be met, the pricing will be subject to discussion and negotiation between both parties.
  6. The diameter of the tree trunk should be within 4.0 to 6.0 inches diameter.
  7. If trees are found to be larger than 6.0 inches, additional cost will need to be calculate based on the actual tree inspection and measurement.
  8. For a trial and testing of the inoculation process, the charges are RM200/tree for a minimum of 10 trees, to be inoculated once only and the location is within 100km from Johor Bahru.
  9. If 1st trial inoculation is less than 10 trees, there will be a minimum transport & labour cost ranging from RM500.00-RM1,000.00 per trip depending on location to cover our basic expenses.
  10. Upon satisfactory results after the 1st trial and test by the 3rd month, you may consider to proceed with the tree inoculation at the normal price of RM150/tree.

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